Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Quiet Day (we thought)

We planned not to move and watch the traffic go by, and make it a quiet day today. The sunshine was fantastic for the time of year and we didn't need the fire. Del spent the best part of the day doing the brasses and some last minute polishing for the winter months ahead. Al was planning what we needed for the next few months. It was lovely to have some time out in the cratch soaking up the sunshine.

It was all good till it got dark and Al was watching Strictly on telly. All of a sudden there was a lot of commotion out on the towpath with Thames Valley police vans and torches flying about. They ended up cornering a guy and six coppers laid on top of him. We couldn't take photos as we felt we just had to keep our heads down! The police then inspected a boat on the other side of the Thames from us, by getting a small motor boat and going over to it. They climbed up the side and barged their way in, it was all Police, Camera, Action, stuff. We still kept our heads down and surprisingly we weren't asked any questions.. Still we might be on telly!!!!


Unknown said...

And I thought life on the water was peaceful.

Pj said...

Hi both - not sure if you'll remember us - we shared a few locks back in Nov 2009 on the GU near London. We interrogated you on the build of Derwent6 ! We were on board an rattling hire boat with a Springer Spaniel...?

Thought we'd better warn you that our new boat is nearly ready and we're about to bring her down south over the next few weeks. This time we will be on the Oxford. Look out for UTA, a 60ft nb Dutch :) Big thanks for your advice and inspiration
Pj & Marion

Del and Al said...

Hi Bella, lol it is usually but we get our fair share of excitment too !

Del and Al said...

Hi Pj & Marion, we do remember you, we shared some locks near cowroast. Really pleased you have you boat, well done for making your dream a reality! Will look out for you on the cut....although might miss you this year as we're heading back up the GU. Happy cruising x