Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Scare, so we took a break

Well we're back on line at last.....and we have also used this time to take a break from the blog as we felt we needed it..

Well what has happened! The biggest thing was that we had another scare with Del's brother Cliff having a heart attack. After what has gone on over the last few months, and with five kids, that was more stress on the family. He is off work for a few months but on the road to recovery thank goodness. We have also been down to Kent quite a lot still sorting out bits and pieces, and going to special occasions. We had Deb's (Del's sister's) 50th Birthday and also Kerry's 21st Birthday. It was lovely to meet up with everyone on a happier note.

As for Derwent6 we have had a mouse on board, and he took a bit of catching. We made the mistake of putting some rubbish out in the cratch and it sneaked in to investigate. You can see from this picture he wasn't happy at being caught. We have fitted a new fire glass, serviced the engine and filters, and antifreezed up ready for this hard winter we are going to have. We have resealed all the side hatches and portholes to stop the draughts.

We will be blogging again but not every day at the moment. We still have a lot to do and don't want to feel pressured by the blog. After a few weeks all will be back to normal.


Anonymous said...

Good to have you back! xxxx Hope to see you soon.
Z xx

Unknown said...

What a lovely top photograph. Nice mouse too! Looks like you might need a ship's cat.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Z xxx

Del and Al said...

Thanks Bella, I know, first time in 48 years we've lived without a cat and we have a mouse! If he returns I feel a feline friend will be the order of the day lol!