Friday, October 21, 2011

A move to a freebee

We lit the fire again this morning as it seemed so cold here (or we're both going down with something). We are moored here on the free 24 hour moorings but after that you have to pay five pounds a night; still a bargain, but we haven't paid on the Thames and we weren't going to start now. Del went for a short ride on his bike and noticed a mooring about a mile downstream. We quickly got going and after two attempts we managed to get Derwent6 close enough to the bank to get in. We have nice views here, and it should be good enough for the weekend, and it's free. We made our booking in with the lock keeper at Brentford tidal lock and hopefully we will be going through on Sunday at about midday, but we have just heard that the winds are getting strong on Sunday...Oh well!

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