Sunday, October 23, 2011

Go with the Flow

We got up early as we were booked in for the tidal Thames today. We were going to diesel before we left but at £1.30 a litre and no self declaration we decided against it. We passed through Kingston and then made it to Teddington Lock. We checked in with the Locky and he gave us the all clear for 11.30am. The weather was being kind to us again and the sun was out and it was a bit warmer but the wind was a bit stronger than yesterday. After a cup of tea we made our way up to the lock, where we were joined by another boat. The length of the locks here are amazing. We took the lead out into the wave waters of the estuary and Derwent6 was in salt water again. We slowly watched the tide turn and go into our favour and flow back out towards the sea with us. We passed Twickenham and Richmond and soon got to Kew gardens where we knew we had to turn. It was difficult to see the turn as there are no signs pointing you in the right direction. This is probably on purpose so you don't cut the corner going in and become a hazard to anyone coming out. As we turned in Derwent6 slid sideways but the power of the Beta 50 straightened us up, in line with the lock. Phew! It all seems so peaceful when you get up to the Thames lock and we're back at idle passing the moored boats. The gates opened as we approached, as the lock keeper knew we were coming.

We then made our way into Brentford and had to do the lock ourselves, still it was electric and easy to operate. We were joined by the boat we travelled down with.We were both lucky enough to get a mooring here.
We then had a walk along to Morrisons and picked up some cheap steaks for dinner tonight.

It got dark by 6.00pm and still boats were arriving here, ready for their passage down the Thames tomorrow.

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