Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Locks and Rocks

We left Brentford at 9.00am and plonked ourselves on the pumpout station, and also topped up with water. The minute we moved, a winter moorer here jumped into our space. We wouldn't mind but they never even asked if we wanted to go back into it......manners!At 10.00am we made our way up the Grand Union, and soon got to the Hanwell flight. We hadn't done locks now for so long we had to take it well steady. We passed the old Asylum; it's funny how we always pass this place near to Halloween. We did ten locks in all and managed to pick up some wood on the way. At the top we then took the turn at Bull's Bridge onto the Regent's canal. We had been greeted by showers all day, some of them heavy, but we did get sunshine now and again which was nice on our backs. Al sorted out Derwent6 while we were on the move, with a lovely warm fire going, and she made some of Del's favourite rock cakes to keep him going.
At one point the sun and rain created a lovely rainbow and Derwent6 went straight through the middle of gold thoughWe carried on till we couldn't feel our fingers on the tiller, and managed to get a mooring at Kensal Green cemetery. It wasn't long before it got dark and after a long day (15 miles and 10 locks) it was an early night for us.

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Unknown said...

There's always someone more than ready to jump in - the sad fact is the perpetrators rarely see what they have done (you will be dawdlers in their book). There is only one solution; keep on doing what you do.