Monday, October 17, 2011

mmm the nice smells of winter

Well it was a lot colder, so for the first time after the summer we lit the fire. We cleaned out the chimney flue first and also gave the ecofan a service, well a clean and a lube up. The fire door is a bit tight to close after fitting a new glass and rope but it should free up a bit when the fire is going.

We soon had a roaring fire again and that lovely seasoned wood smell all over Derwent6......lovely.

Del then did the brasses ( so it will rain tonight) and watched Derwent6 get covered in leaves as the wind picked up. It was then on to his bike as he got a puncture last time out. Al was busy doing some work around the interior of Derwent6.

With the fire going we don't use any gas, and a chicken casserole was in order, more nice smells around Derwent6.

It was so hot in Derwent6, we ended up eating our casserole by candle light out in the cratch, with the side up looking at the planes taking off into the stars.

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