Thursday, May 05, 2011

Back to Guy's from Bedwyn

We left Hungerford early and got through the first lock and swingbridge. We then passed n.b. Up Spirits, and they said they would be leaving in 15 minutes so we met them at the next lock with a swing bridge in the middle of it. This was a good move as we had locks every half a mile and one of the party could walk up and set the next lock, which we took in turns. We managed to get to Bedwyn in record time but still ended up getting a mooring on the bank, as the 48 hour moorings were taken up by continual statics. We were right by the station though!!!! We wanted to moor here right by the station as we needed to get to Guy's hospital as Del's dad was back in there. We arrived in London at around 3.30pm and went and visited. He had lost a lot of weight and didn't look too good when we first arrived but had improved slightly when we left. We got back to Derwent6 at 9.15pm with it leaning right over in shallow water, lets hope we don't roll out of bed in the night lol.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Our thoughts are with you, Len and Terry - last I heard from her he seemed to be on the way up!! Keep in touch and lots of love

Z x

Andy Lawrence said...

Wish your dad the best.

Hilary & Andy

Del and Al said...

Thanks...he's up & down at the moment, but was feeling a lot better today which is good. Will keep you posted x