Thursday, June 10, 2010

Snagging day

We were up and about early due to the fact that Fernwood were coming to do some snagging for us. We moved around the corner so it was easy for them to pull up along side Derwent6 and unload the stuff they had. Rob and Simon arrived at around 9.00am and after a quick cup of tea they set about fitting a wooden strip on the roof behind the cratch cover. We have had water leaking into the cratch and also leaves and anything that gets on the roof manages to get into the cratch. Hopefully this wooden strip will stop this. They then looked at some small adjustments made to doors and shelf's and also fitted some thicker legs to the dayroom table. It was wobbling around too much when we were eating there.They resealed the work tops and did some stuff in the engine room. We still have some panelling and cushions to be sorted out but they have been measured and will be done at a later date at our convenience. They left at around 4.00pm and we just sorted ourselves out ready for a move off tomorrow.

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