Monday, June 07, 2010

Al's Big Day

A big day today, well for Al anyway.... We set off for the O2 at about 11.00am and managed to get parked in the station £6.00 car park; All the other car parks were £25.00 ( a rip off). We were even lucky enough to find a two pound coin in the coin return box so it only cost us £4.00 in the end.... We walked to the dome to where BON JOVI were playing in the evening. We first went to the British Music experience as they had a Bon Jovi exhibition and we only had to pay a fiver as we had tickets for the evening show. We really enjoyed it with all the memorabilia from all the music years, but we wouldn't have paid the full price of £15.00 and you couldn't take photo's in there. The best bit though was that you could go into a music studio and play any instrument you liked. Del played electric and acoustic guitar, drums and bass guitars, while Al played keyboards and vocals. We then both went into the sound engineer room and mixed a few tracks....great fun!

Being Bon Jovi fan club members, we knew that the band were doing a few sets on the roof of the Dome at 3.30pm so we watched them sing five tracks for the promotion of their new album The Circle. We then had something to eat at a Mexican restaurant and then got a coffee at Starbucks and watched the world go by... The fans were rolling in and we got our seats at around 7.00pm. The gig was just fantastic and we weren't let down. We were 12 rows from the front. Here are some of the pics. We got back to Kent at about midnight, with no voices!

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