Friday, June 25, 2010

Just lovely hot weather!

One of those cleaning days today! We got up early (while it was still cool) and Del waxed Derwent6 while Al cleaned out the wardrobes (a task on it's own). We had to change the stuff over from Winter to Summer, so all the thick clothing got pushed to the back. We then took a short walk to get rid of our rubbish and then walked to the garage and grabbed an ice cream to walk back with. With the football on in the afternoon the day just seemed to fly by. It has been so hot here today that we couldn't touch the sides of Derwent6. We could have done with some Solar Panels on the roof...maybe one day! It was a lovely evening, but still sticky, we did see this Red Kite flying above us, but he was a bit quick for the camera....

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