Wednesday, July 08, 2020

They open up and we sit tight!

So we have sat tight here at Stoke Golding as an easing of the lockdown takes place..  We plan to lockdown even tighter as we are in such a good and lucky place..

It has been very enjoyable all by ourselves in a spot we feel is our own, as for the weather, it has been a bit up and down with sunshine and showers.
 It has still been warm though and we have been out for walks into the village and Al walks down to the farm shop for some quality food..

Tooty is strutting around like he owns the place (as usual) when not sleeping lol

Del has been going out on his bike to get a bit fitter, as we haven't been doing much, and took a ride round the Bosworth Battlefields and Shenton Station.

What is there not to like with scenery like this..

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Anonymous said...

Just perfick!
A&K xx