Thursday, July 16, 2020

Enjoying the Ashby

We were leaning over and also found out we had moored next to an ants nest overnight, so it was move on for us.. It was a fantastic mooring and so very quiet, but we wanted to get further into the countryside..  Luckily the ants hadn't found their way up the fenders and onto Derwent6 and we left them in peace as we drifted off on a glass surface towards the next bridge..
Forget speed on this canal as it gets very shallow in places, even though the coal boats get up here and know all the tricks and the route to get to the end without grounding..
It has become more of a challenge with the lockdown as things have become very overgrown, but this had made it even prettier than the last time we came up here.. The wildlife is also in abundance and going slowly helps to see so much of it..
We only went a couple of miles and then we felt spits of rain on the roof so pulled over at Shackerstone.
Again it was shallow, but we managed to pull Derwent6 in albeit with a slight lean to starboard.
 Tooty was off again in a flash, as we wouldn't let him out before we left, in case he thought it would be a good idea to hibernate in the bushes.
Sure enough the rain got heavier and we just had time to get everything covered up, and the telly set up..
The next task was a Firmware update on the management system for the batteries. This included a complete shut down and reboot. The reason for this was because it had been noted that the batteries wouldn't equalise when not charged for over a month, something that has never happened with Derwent6, but just in case we thought we would do it anyway, you never know..
It meant we had to download an update to the Victron connect app and then take that to the engine room and up date the batteries using the phone.. First we got this screen and then it started its download.
When complete this screen appeared.
This had to be done to all four 12 volt batteries (24 volt batteries do not apply to this update) and they must all be done within 30 days of each other.. This was done in five minutes and the system shut its self down and the inverter turned off and it all rebooted including the colour controller.
So we are now up to date and settled in for the next few days as it looks like its going to be wet..

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