Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The terminal work

All the moorings are a strict 48 hours at the end of the Ashby canal, but you can pay the trust to stay longer..  So we had a look at what had been done and was disappointed as it was almost the same as when we were up here last time and only went up to the 52 foot winding hole.

If you go further up, the canal has a very tricky path to follow and a clear one would help and encourage the public to use the path just to link the two canal ends..

So we have just enjoyed being up here, Del went out on his bike and has been flying his glider in a local field and Al has been deep into her book, it has been very relaxing. It has been quite busy with boats but they have been going in and out again. We haven't had any problems with moorings as everyone is moving very regular which is helpful.. 

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