Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Ashby in reverse

We set off at 8.00am and sneaked through the tunnel. It is low at the end as you enter, but then gets higher as you go south.
We had plenty of room when we entered as we were full of water, but we still took off the chimney rain hat as the weeping willows were very low and could pull it off..

This canal has everything, open fields, wooded sections and also some tricky tight overgrown sections, and it is very pretty..

You then come out of the woods and reach Shakerstone.

It was then over the aqueduct again and then a nice steady cruise towards Congerton.
We only met two boats today and yep you guessed it they were both on bridges..

We took a chance on getting the mooring we had when we came up here a few weeks ago and luckily it was free.
So we had all the signals and we settled ourselves in for a couple of days with the FA Cup and the Grand Prix on the telly...

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