Monday, July 13, 2020

Late in the day!

We checked the weather in the morning and found out some showers were due so we held off moving till 1.50pm, and got a great picture of this dragonfly following us..
It was a lot busier today and it was good to see and  have a chat with Terry on Aqualady.
We had planned to get a shopping delivery from Tescos at Sutton Cheney so we took a nice steady cruise up to there. When we arrived we were surprised how busy it was and we had to moor Derwent6 on the winding hole at a bit of an angle while we waited for our delivery..
It arrived in the time slot and we loaded the food and drink on board..
We even got a free bottle of wine as the one they supplied had got a small hole in the top and was leaking a tad.. that will leak a lot more later, but into a glass!!
From there we moved onto the now free water point, and while filling Del did a manual pumpout, while Al put away the shopping...

We then carried on and the sun came out making it a very pleasant cruise except for the wind which was blowing us off course.
It is still quite shallow up here, but we knew coal boats go to the end and tried to keep in their tracks..
  We then got to Market Bosworth and the visitors moorings were empty apart from two hire boats on them..

We just sneaked through and then back out into the countryside..
We moored up just after the village of Carlton but we did touch the bottom as we pulled Derwent6 in.
We soon had the bottle of wine out and sat in the cratch and watched the sunset, nice after what had seemed a long day..


Unknown said...

... "and there's nothing quite like a nice sunset in yer cratch" lol. :) Looks idyllic. Xx

Del and Al said...

lol, you just can't beat it! x