Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Close to Lockdown again

Well can you believe it we came to Leicestershire and Leicester goes back into lockdown, Brilliant!!
We also found out today that Hinckley and Burbage could also be affected, right where we are..
We moved today towards Hinckley because we wanted to top up with water and have a change of scenery..
  It is still very shallow up here but you just have to take your time travelling, and it is a wonderful canal..
We made our way up to Lime Kilns and a boat was already on the water point but the tap was quite fast so we didn't have to wait long.. Yep it was gloves on, sanitisers, and loads of washing hands..

It was then through Hinckley and there isn't much to say about it really except the graffiti has got worse again. Imagine what Del would be like with this lot on his roof..
Once you get through the other side it turns into a beautiful canal again and the countryside is so lovely to look at..
The bridges on here are great, but some are in poor repair as well, lets hope they can get them repaired..
 We got to bridge 23 and there is a little Spinneybank farm shop there, so we pulled over and Del held Derwent6 while Al popped into the shop..

She came back with some lovely pies, sausages and lamb, but they had run out of fresh veg.. So we carried on, and passed Ashby boats who were busily getting their boats ready to go out on Saturday.
We then moored up at Stoke Golding, and Al walked up to the other farm shop here at Thornton's

So we plan to sit out the showery weather for the next couple of days, with a couple of walks, and Del wants to get out on his bike.. Yep we need some exercise! no locks on this canal lol 

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