Thursday, October 26, 2017

Taking a break

So we have chilled out at Cowroast for a few days, due to the high winds and we just like it here.
We took a walk into Berkhamsted and had a few drinks and some eats at Ask as we had a voucher to eat there.
Surprisingly it wasn't very busy on the moorings.

Del went out on his bike a few times and also went on a trip to Ivinghoe Beacon to suss out where he could go and fly his glider.
We walked into Northchurch where we saw a local band called "Mouth on a Stick" who were brilliant. We will be seeing them again in the future.
I think the staying put thing depends on all your signals being good, Telly, Phone and Internet and you're sorted really, you're in touch with everyone. We liked it so much we went into Cowroast marina and had a pumpout and turned round and moored up in the same place which still had our piling hooks in.
Sorry we haven't blogged but sometimes you just need a break from it, and when you don't move you feel there isn't much to blog about, but of course there is..
We are moving tomorrow so will fill you all in.

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Anonymous said...

We visited the mill there and bought freshly baked bread and flour, as you say it's lovely quiet mooring.
Ann and Keith.