Friday, October 27, 2017

Flying the Chiltern's

We liked it here and Del thought the wind would be OK to go gliding for the day on the Chiltern Hills. The weather was unbelievable and so summer like with temperatures in the twenty's and a sunny light westerly wind.
He worked out where he would have to walk avoiding the roads and using footpaths.
After a boat clean Del set off for the hills with his glider and took the paths.
It was a two hour walk and was up hill going, but due to the weather quite pleasant.
When he arrived six other guys were up the slope and after a chat Del was soon in the air..
He had a lovely day soaring the Ivinghoe Beacon, till the sun set and daylight faded.
The walk back was all downhill but Dels feet and legs were now taking a bashing..
Al had dinner on and it was a curry, yum!  She had been reading her book in the sunshine so felt totally relaxed.. We enjoyed a bit of telly and some music in the evening, WITH OUR FEET UP!

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