Friday, October 27, 2017

Back to Grove

The weather looked ok to move today, but on looking through the porthole window it did seem a bit misty.. When getting ready to go we noticed the mist was in fact that fine rain, the rain you get soaked in, but we were ready to go, so the chains got loose and Derwent6 drifted off into the mist.
We got to the first lock and a hire boat was just off the lock moorings having breakfast. "We'll follow you in" they said. More help the better we though and we're saving water.
They followed us for the next three locks and it is enjoyable catching up with everyone's different lives..
We parted at Slapton Lock where they stopped for water, and we carried on to where they were still dredging. We must say that it is so much better down here now, with much better water depth, I just hope it doesn't encourage more boats to go faster, but well done to CaRT for a great job done and its still continuing..
We got to Church Lock and wanted to moor up, but the moorings we like were full, so we crept up to Grove Lock and there was one mooring left on the vistors moorings, we felt blessed.
We lit the fire as we felt so damp, infact everything felt so damp, and Derwent6 soon warmed up nicely..

The wind had dropped to nothing, so much that we saw a hot air balloon go past, keeping below the low cloud, better them than us..

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