Sunday, October 08, 2017

Q. What Colour is it? A. Living Colour

We had a chill out start to the morning and then left at 11.00am to go for a walk into Wolverton.
We needed to post a card and also get some food shopping, but stumbled on a model shop which Del couldn't resist going in to..
We then did the shopping and ended up in Costa coffee before we walked back to Derwent6.
We relaxed in the afternoon till 5.00pm and then it was a shower and back out again at 6.00pm.
We met up with Mark and Sian in the Galleon Inn pub for a beer and something to eat before we made our way to the Craufurd Arms where we had tickets to see two bands playing.
The first band playing was Stone Broken, a young rock band with a lot of talent.
But the main event was a 1988 band called Living Colour who had a few hits in the ninety's and had just brought out a new album called Shade.
They are a Rock/Funk band and they were brilliant.
We manage to get right up on the barrier and they were all in our faces. Our ears did suffer a tad!
We left there at 11.00pm and Mark & Sian dropped us back to Derwent6. 

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