Friday, June 13, 2014

Windsor for tea

Well we have got a lovely mooring here at Windsor.. and the good thing is we haven't had to pay anything yet which makes it even better..  We have got a bit settled and managed to get telly for the World Cup. We are under the trees and Derwent6 gets covered in birds poo every night but hey ho, who cares we are living in Windsor.
Al has been making the most of it by going shopping while Del has been doing some touching up to the paintwork in the sunshine.. he also managed to polish out all the scratches we collected with our dilemma we had the other day.
Today we walked up to town as Al loves watching the changing of the guard so we managed to get a good location at a coffee shop on the corner with a brilliant view..... it wasn't that expensive either..
We then got all the heavy food and drink stock and Del carried it back while Al carried on browsing. When Al got back Del went out on his bike for three hours around Windsor Great park. We were all set for the start of the World Cup in the evening..


Ange said...

Makes me feel very nostalgic but I am biased! Carry on enjoying the wonderful Thames. xxoo

Ann nb Oakfield said...

Coffee at Windsor, whatever next, must be tea on the lawn at Buckingham Palace eh?

Del and Al said...

Hi Ange, I know what you mean, Windsor is fab, makes you feel very proud that it's ours! Happy cruising x

Del and Al said...

Hi Ann, well you never know lol will just have to find out when the queen can make it. Enjoy this lovely sunshine x