Monday, June 02, 2014

Time to Go

We had to move today as our waste was on the brim and water, well we don't know how it has kept going as we have had Bernie and Sarah on and Tanya and Sam on board during our time in London. All we can say is "Well Done Derwent6" We pulled out of the basin as quiet as we could and soon Ray moored in front of us was out of his boat and into our sunny spot we had..
We had heard that the pumpout machine at Little Venice wasn't working again and sure enough as we turned onto it an Out of Order sign was staring us in the face..
Thank god for Derwent6's back up system and her manual pump out.. The good thing was we were able to fill with water while Del pumped out the waste tank. We only had about five minutes left of filling when another boat turned up for the water tap.. 
We soon got on our way and the sun was out and it was pleasant cruising...
We didn't want to go far as we are still loving the London Experience.. We moored up at Kensal Green and had to move backwards a forwards till we could get in as it seemed a bit shallow or we were dodging the bikes which had been pushed into the cut.. 
After being settled again Del went for a walk to suss things out, buses etc, and Al went down to Sainsbury's and picked up some treats for our evening meal..  So what did we have? one of Al's favourites a Rack of Ribs... and very nice it was too.. with a lot of Slaw.. Yep sticky fingers again and full tummies.. We must be all set...


nb Bonjour said...

nice to see you this morning, even if only for a quick wave - we keep seeing you mentioned in other peoples' blogs, now it's the real thing! Maybe we'll catch up with you one day and actually speak!
Best wishes

Del and Al said...

Hi Debby, sorry we missed you for a chat. Enjoy London and hope to meet up again one day soon :-)