Saturday, June 07, 2014

No Chance

We have been sitting tight here at Brentford and still waiting for a slot round by the lock, so we got up early in the hope that someone might pull out this morning.. no chance!  When we wake up in the morning we are leaning over quiet a bit as the levels drop but they do seem to pick up again.
We kept walking down to see if someone was moving and it wasn't till 2.00pm that a boat pulled out.. They were 52 feet and Derwent6 is 65 feet so a slim chance of us getting in.. Another walk down and a measure up, No Chance!. We are leaning over with no telly and a high alcove, still it is lovey and quiet here and no building work during the day like round the corner.. In the evening we decided to cheer ourselves up a bit, so Del and Al style we found a pub with a live band. This was only a short walk from where we were (so it has it advantages) and we found The Globe, an old Fullers pub. When we got in at 9.00pm the band were setting up and we got a seat next to the stage. They were called Muttz Knuttz and when they started they blew your eardrums out.
The drummer was exceptional and the lead guitarist just as good, we loved it.. By the end of the evening everyone is the pub was rocking..
We're amazed the pub still had windows when we left, we never had any ears...
We walked back to Derwent6 and crawled into bed, ears ringing and waiting for those predicted thunderstorms.....

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