Friday, June 06, 2014

Another good find

Well we have had a quiet couple of days here at Kensal Green and just done things like cleaning, shopping and trying not to spend too much money really as we have had a right spending spree over the last couple of weeks. It's been great fun though!  Al did go to Westfield Shopping centre (the original) for her shopping fix and used a couple of her vouchers, while Del chopped up the rest of the wood on the roof and filled the locker, hopefully for next winter..
We found another good live music place in Kensal and thought we would give it a try. We got ready on Wednesday night and walked, in between the showers, to The Paradise an old pub in the high street. When you walk in, the place looks a bit dingy and a bit gothic, like a haunted house. The funny thing is it had a dining area which did what we call 'posh food', and the food looked very good..
We got a drink up at the bar and asked where the live music was on tonight.. "Oh up stairs" they replied.. We walked into this room which we can only describe as like a church with a bar, and a stage at one end covered in amps.. A band was playing as we sat down.. Then a couple of buskers from Camden got up and plugged in and were very good.. It started to get very busy as the night went on and a couple of girls went on stage with their guitars and were brilliant.. Can this get any better we thought.. Well it did, two bands turned up and played. Both well known in the area and blew us away.. In fact we felt very small in the crowd with so much talent around us, forget X Factor come to Kensal Green.
Most of the artists had EP's on iTunes. Things like this were happening in the hallway..
The best band for us was a group called 150 Friends Club and to watch this band live was amazing.
The music went on till 12.15am, what a great night!
When we left it was pouring down with rain and we rushed back to Derwent6 still buzzing from the nights entertainment.. When we got in we had another drink, reliving our evening before bed, even though we planned an early start in the morning, as the weather was going to be better..

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