Thursday, December 05, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Derwent6

Wooo Hoooo Its Derwent6's Birthday today.. Five years we have been on the cut with her.. And what a great five years she has given us both...... Long may there be many more, Ching!!!!!

We decided to move today as it was a lovely day for cruising and we wanted to make the most of the available wood.. We soon got to our location and we couldn't see the wood for the trees.. Whoopee! Boaters Gold!  Bring it on or load it up..
A lot heavier we moved on through Braunston tunnel, and we had it all to ourselves. Where are the boats this year it's so quiet.
We got to the first lock and found them against us but we just took our time to get down the flight, at the last lock we meet a boat coming up, typical!!.
We crept through Braunston and saw Graham on n.b. Matilda Rose. We said we had plans to stay the night but wanted to pick up the pubs Wi-Fi, so could we meet them tonight for a drink..  We topped up again for water before mooring up outside The Boatman..
We chilled for the afternoon and then got ready to go out at 7.00pm when we walked down to meet up with Graham and Jill. We walked up to the pub, got a beer, and found a nice table by the fire..

We first had a celebratory drink for Derwent6's Birthday, and then had a good old catch up about where they had been and their future plans to take the boat to France. After some good food and a few pints we walked back to n.b Matilda Rose where we were kindly invited on for another drink of Golden hen and wine, well maybe it was two or three.. Thanks guys for a great night, and thanks again for the drinks...
We left there at 1.45am and got back to Derwent6 and crashed out at 2.00am knackered!


Adam said...

And how much thinner is the brass of yiour mushroom vents and portholes, after five years of constant polishing??

nb AmyJo said...

Adam, I reckon they must be wafer thin by now :-)

Congrats on Derwent6's birthday guys, long may she give you the pleasure she has given you so far.
warm regards
Steve and Chris