Sunday, December 15, 2013

Loving our spot

We are loving our spot here at Rugby.. We look out of the window and see the horses drinking from the canal and we have made friends with a Robin who looks for the treats Al gives to him..
We have been keeping active though. Del has been seeing to a coolant leak in the engine room which is so difficult to get to he has only managed to tighten the hose a bit to hopefully get us through the winter. Al has been finishing off the Christmas cards and sorting us out for Christmas..  We have ordered a few LED bulbs which have blown, and also got some others to replace the tungsten ones we have left on Derwent6, should help save the batteries.
At lunchtime Del wanted to see the football, for his sins, so we walked up the pub and watched Arsenal lose to Manchester City 6 - 3, so a lot of swearing and drink was drunk..
We came back to chill and watched a film eating a whole box of roses, we were pigs but it was nice.. And of course Al watched her Strictly in the evening...

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