Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Shopping Day

We were getting a bit behind on Christmas presents this year, don't know why, perhaps it's our busy lives, lol.. So we decided we needed a Christmas shopping day. 
But we didn't want to have the hassle of a town centre, hacking through the crowds to get wrapping paper, we decided on the alternative. As we had a lovely time up at the Butler's Leap restaurant/pub, we thought we would go on the internet for a couple of hours and work in lunch. We had lovely broadband speeds and soon got our shopping done with a lovely steak burger and chips thrown in..  Very satisfied with our lot we finished with apple crumble and ice cream, now that's the way to do your Christmas shopping. We celebrated with a couple of drinks and walked back very happy with ourselves. We came back to Christmassy Derwent6, put on our lights and lit the advent candle (which is going down now) with the text's coming through saying the presents were being delivered..
We know it's not doing the high street any favours, but it's just so easy and stress free, and you have a feeling of satisfaction. We also don't have to carry them anywhere and best of all it works out cheaper.. So a no brainer really!!!! Del watched the football in the evening & Al started on the Christmas cards...

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