Monday, December 02, 2013

Returning due to lock repair

Due to the locks at the Watford flight closing on Monday we decided to turn and get back through them today.. We left at 9.00am and pulled onto the water point for a top up.
We then turned at the marina and then headed into the wet Crick tunnel.
It was just lovely cruising weather and we had not seen another boat and pushed on to the top of the lock flight.. When we arrived and found the locky, we found a boat in front of us going down and one waiting to come up.. We were allowed to go down the first lock and wait in the pound..
We only waited about forty minutes before we were given the go ahead to descending down the flight .
We got to the bottom and then took a steady cruise to Norton Junction. It was empty, so we took a spot with a nice view and loads of sunshine..
We set up the telly and got the fire roaring, and chilled for the rest of the day...


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