Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Effective Day

As we were starting to get short of water and we needed to get a few things in Boots and The Range we decided to move today.. We sorted ourselves out a bit then pushed out the bow and got going.. We always love it when we're cruising again just for a change of scenery. It is still so quiet here and we haven't seen a boat for ages. It's been lovely this winter and we have all been a bit spoilt due to it being so quiet, we can moor where and when we like and have no one round us so we can even run the engine when we like.
We passed Clifton Wharf and then made our way to Brownsover where there was only three boats, we carried on and winded before stopping for a water top up.
Del decided to top up the wood locker with some of the wood on the roof and then the heavens opened.. he got soaked! We thought as we were on the water point we would do all of our washing while the kettle was on so we made good use of the time.. With a break in the weather we pulled through the bridge and moored at Brownsover on a spot we knew we could get telly and have a good signal for everything else.. We warmed up a bit before we headed to the shops. We started at Boots where Al wanted a few bits and then moved on to The Range where Del always gets his chainsaw oil and antifreeze, Al wanted some candles and a couple of presents. We then stopped for lunch and had a nice sandwich in Subway before we headed to Tesco's. He we picked up our Christmas treats for sitting in front of the telly with.. Mulled wine, chocolates and hot chocolate with a splash of  Cointreau, Mmmmm
The next thing was to fill up the petrol can for the chainsaw and on the way we spotted a nice pallet for kindling, so we carried that back to stick on the roof.. So a very effective day today and you can guess what we did when we got back.. Well we had our own Christmas dinner with the gammon we had to finish off from yesterday and mulled wine and Mmmmm that chocolate is lovely!!!

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Angela said...

Such decadence! I love it!!

Wishing you both a really Happy Christmas (wherever you might be spending it) and all the best for the New Year.

Take care of yourselves. Luv,

Angela, John and Lola
n/b "Ellen" xxoo