Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What a picture!!!

Ahhh back in rest mode... It was a bit of a lay in for us this morning but with loads we wanted to do we ended up getting up at 9.00am. Del took the confetti off the roof and wiped down the sides. We then decided to go for a walk. We walked down the Buckby flight and was amazed at how busy it was. The last time we walked down here it had been dredged and no one was around. We first went to the chandlers which is now called the canal shop. It is still a treasure trove with bits and pieces everywhere. We picked up some picture hangers and screws, yep you heard right Derwent6 is going to get some pictures. We then walked down to the new chandler's which is very different from the old one, and both sell groceries......We liked them both but we don't know how they will both survive in today's climate. After getting back to Derwent6 we had lunch out in the cratch as it was bright sunshine. Del then set about putting our pictures up. Bernie's (the 50 year old) dad had painted some watercolour pictures of Derwent6 and as you can see they just had to go up. They looked fab. A big big thank you to Tony for painting them and I'm sure he will take orders if anyone wants one of Derwent6 or even their own boat.
Del then set about the rear door stays. Well one side went fine but when doing the other side the drill snapped and got stuck in the hole, the tap got jammed and to top it all it didn't line up and a tap with the hammer snapped the catch..Oh dear!!! So we now need another catch and a drill..
It was feet up in the evening looking at our pictures..


nb piston broke said...

Ref door catches I am not going to say a bloody thing.

Del and Al said...

you don't need to mate enough was said this end!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures look lovely so pleased you had the two,look forward to seeing them up when we see you next.
Love Mum & Keith xxxx