Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Clean

It has been very busy through the locks here at Norton, so we feel we have done our bit for saving water by not moving over the Easter period. We have had a lot of boats mooring here in the evenings but by 9.30am they have all gone! We have heard about nightmare queuing at the locks at Watford, taking three hours at times. Also at Braunston they have been waiting in the tunnel to go down the locks (don't ask why they can't breast up) and we can see the queues at Buckby flight. All good fun.
We had a busy day in between the showers as Al had one of those spring cleaning days and a sort out while Del played with the engine and of course did the brasses. He also managed to chop up all of the wood on the roof so we now have a locker full for those cold spring evenings.
In the afternoon we got chatting to the boat who moored in front of us and we helped them with their diesel bug problem. Then Dave and Angie on n.b Lady Esther turned up closely followed by John and Ali on n.b.Triskaideka. We are not ones to turn down a 'fancy going up the pub' offer.. We met at 7.00pm and had a bite to eat and a few drinks, all being merry (and a bit loud) at the end of it. The landlord was glad to get rid of us at 11.15pm. We had a lot of rain while we were in there and had to play dodge the puddles on our return to Derwent6.

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Anonymous said...

Don't know when you are next due down in Kent, but could you please come and clean my house when you are? I am sick of builders dust!!!

Speak soon,
Z xx