Friday, April 13, 2012

Boys and Girls day out

We travelled down to Kent again on Friday and went to Bernie and Sarah's where a nice Sausage and Mash was waiting for us. You won't believe it, but we managed to get a ticket to London for just £3.75, our cheapest fare yet. We had an early start in the morning so it was an early night.
Saturday morning Bernie and Del were up early. They got picked up by Steve and then got the train up to London and had a nice big breakfast in Lambeth. We then made our way over to the Imperial War Museum where we had a look around. We then went to a meeting we had booked for Bernie's 50th Birthday. We had joined The Colditz Society, as children we were all fans, and as you are aware Derwent6 has a Colditz Castle on board. We had a great day being shown old footage of the castle and the glider built in the attic being flown from the castle. There will be a programme on Channel 4 later in June. Afterwards we went back round the museum, before we hit the bars. We got the train back and then finished the day off at an Indian restaurant. Al spent the day shopping with the girls..
Sunday morning we watched the Grand Prix early and then after helping Bernie with the kitchen for a bit, we got a lift to the station and made our way back to Derwent6. We arrived back at 6.00pm, where we watched the football and Al managed to stay awake to watch her Desperate Housewives.

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