Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Heads in a Book

We have both our heads buried into books at the moment and we stayed in bed reading till 10.00am. After our bacon butties, Del looked at a leaking porthole we had, which dripped when it rained and Al had to keep a piece of kitchen roll under it. It turned out only to be a bit of sealer under the collecting rail.
It was then back to reading for a couple of hours, and after lunch Del went out for a walk and got a bit of local knowledge of the area. We had showers during the day so everything was done in between these. We also managed to collect a bit more wood to keep us topped up. So an easy day for us... you can guess what we did in the lovely light evening.


ditchcrawler said...

Maybe someone polished all the sealant away ??????

Anonymous said...

Lucky you only having a porthole drip - we have had it through the ceiling due to lack of roof on the new conservatory and not very rain proofed tarpaulin!!!!
Z xx

Del and Al said...

Hi Brian That is possible!! as when Del was polishing, the heads of the screws were coming off.. lol

Del and Al said...

Hi Z Oh no!!! Hope it gets a roof soon, can't wait to see it, bet it looks lovely :-) xxx