Sunday, December 19, 2010

Good Old Buckby Can

We didn't get much sleep last night as we still have a lot on our mind due to what has happened over the last few weeks. It was also showing minus ten on the outside gauge, the lowest we had ever seen it. Derwent6 has got clear glass in the cratch but you can see why they call it frosted glass. This glass was frosted by the real thing and it looked so pretty.
We are still OK with water and waste, but we are now being very careful on water usage. The Buckby can is now filled with snow and standing along side the loo for flushing water. We felt like getting out today so we walked along to the pub. It was lovely sitting by the big log fire and taking down a few beers and glasses of wine. It just goes to show what us boaters are like as one guy in the pub said to us "take some logs off the roof of my boat if you need them, I've got plenty". We didn't need any, but how nice was that...We then walked back and got into the Christmas spirit with an afternoon film and cuddling up by the fire in the evening.


artymess said...

The frosted glass is lovely...Nature is the finest artist ......x

Del and Al said...

You're so right lorna, it is beautiful.....x

Cliff said...

Can I borrow your buckby can I have had no water at work since monday and the loo is frozen solid !!!!!!!!!!!