Sunday, December 05, 2010

Another cold and frosty morning and everyone's moving

Bungs are iced in again this morning and the fire went out last night for the first time in 5 days. On trying to save coal we shut it down too much..Well if you don't try these things!!!!!!

On lighting the fire, you could hear this cracking noise in the distance, yep someone had decided to move. The ice was at least three inches thick and thicker in the shade but he was determined to get through. Worried about it piercing the side of Derwent6 Del run the engine in reverse, and then stood down the side in wellies breaking the ice before it hit the side. It did the job but this guy was doing a hell of a lot of damage to his boat and must have done more damage inside. "I'm out of water and got itchy to move" he said. I bet he only gets round the corner, its worse there....

The rest of the Christmas Dec's got put up today and Derwent6 looks like a little grotto.

Al on the other hand had been to see her mum again. Pam is making good progress, and it's lovely to see her smiling, even though she has been in hospital for 12 days now.

Meanwhile, Del was attacked by a Hot Air Balloon. I bet it was cold up there... well it just missed the railway electric cables and hit a few trees and then landed in a field. Luckily everyone was all right just a bit shook up. They all went into the pub for a stiff drink after that.....

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