Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Snow!!! (I'm dreaming of a White Christmas)

Woke up to more snow this morning and it just kept snowing... We ended up getting about six inches and the roof of Derwent6 was so heavy we were swaying when we walking about inside. The good news is that it had warmed up a bit and any frozen pipes in the engine room had thawed so the central heating was working fine... When we checked the engine fluid levels we were nearly out of water and luckily we had some antifreeze on board. We are having to run the engine for two hours a day now, as with the cold weather and the short daylight hours we use more power, but the batteries seem to be couping well.

We went for a walk to get rid of our rubbish in the snow, on a circular route back to Derwent6 and it was so pretty, but we did get soaked and it took the rest of the day to warm back up.
We weren't able to take many photos as the batteries went flat on the camera!

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