Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mum home at last

After our lives being a complete rollercoaster for the last three weeks, (hence we hadn't blogged) we had the news that Al's mum could be out of hospital for Christmas.. Fantastic News!!!

We went in and collected her at midday and managed to get her into the car and into her favourite chair. We had put up some decorations for her and we all were very grateful she was making the family complete again.

We were both down in Kent and Derwent6 was sitting in the cold. We had never left Derwent6 in such cold temperatures and what would we expect when we returned. We should all sleep a bit easier then we have been of late and the plan is we return back tomorrow.


Sue said...

So pleased to see the pictures of Mum in her favourite chair.. she looks so happy, how wonderful.

Welcome back to D6 then, snuggle in and keep warm.. xx

Les Biggs said...

That is great news.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Sue, it has been a worry, and although Mum is still very weak, she's on the mend. It's lovely to be home.
Take care & Happy Christmas to you both x

Del and Al said...

Thanks Les. Keep warm and enjoy your Christmas x