Thursday, December 02, 2010

Central heating frozen

It was nice a toasty on Derwent6 last night, because before we go to bed we now put a few lumps of coal on the fire. This keeps it going and also gives out more heat. On looking outside we had not had much snow but it was very cold (minus three) The heating made a funny noise this morning and it was soon apparent that the pressure was low in the system. The feed pipes had frozen and it took about half a hour to unfreeze and lag them. The water pump went mad like we had a leak, but stopped after a few seconds Phew!!! no leaks. Del chopped up what wood we had and filled the scuttle with coal, before stoking the fire to warm up again. We also have the advent candle to keep us warm.

Al, in the meantime, had this to contend with.....

In the evening Del got a call from his mate Bernie who gave some instructions on how to cook some pork we had in the fridge. What Del forgot to do was cook it on a slow heat and it wasn't long before the pan was spitting fat everywhere and the smoke alarms were going off with smoke everywhere. They did taste nice though and they were cooked!!!!

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Nb Yarwood said...

Fill the system with Screw-fix antifreeze inhibitor - like what Joe did in August - smartarse!!