Friday, December 03, 2010

Happy Birthday Derwent6

Well after one of the coldest nights, Derwent6 has survived two years on the cut. It just doesn't seem like two years and we have had so much fun. When we tried to take out the porthole bungs this morning they were frozen in, and the cratch cover was like a bit of cardboard.

We cleaned out the fire and prepared it for coal for the first time this year as the wood has run out.

Al down in Kent had another three inches of snow and was desperate to get her dad in to see her mum. So it was out with the shovels and dig the car out.After 2 and a half hours and back ache they were able to get out and after some stressful driving they got to the hospital. Things were all OK but they did feel Pam's memory loss had got worse. They still don't know why all this happened even after a scan. The good news is she could be home for Christmas.

Del on the other hand was enjoying himself. Alan and Carol had called in on their way back from Birmingham as Alan had just brought a new guitar. When you have a new guitar you want someone to play it with so Del came back to their house and was treated with a lovely meal by Carol and a good guitar lesson from Alan..It was great to see them and good fun. Thanks guys!


Keith Lodge said...

Happy Birthday to Derwent and to you both. Two years have certainly flown by.
It looks like everyone is getting more snow than us, but we are like everyone else still frozen in.

I hope that things continue to improve for Al's mum and that she is home for christmas.

Stay safe and warm Jo xx

Del and Al said...

Thanks Jo, yep the 2 years have flown by and we've had a great time. You're right, I don't think any of us will be moving for a while, so it's snuggle down and sit it out. Hope you get moving at some point though so you can continue with the coal run....
Take care and hope to see you in the not too distant future! xx