Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday Boy

51 today!!!

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Del Boy

Happy Birthday to you !!!!


Anonymous said...

got your mother in a whirl not sure if your a boy or a girl. happy birthday

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Del,

My oh my what a handsome fella you were.... errrr are I mean!!

Enjoy your evening together..

Love Sue & Vic

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Del - hope you have had a great day - love you lots,

Zed and Greg xxxx

Anonymous said...

Mate I dont rember growing up with a well known famous rock star. First time I have seen this pic and I would say forget Queen and Fredie and take a look at SLADE and DAVE HILL. What a ringer, have a good one and I might be up on friday so will call.


Anonymous said...

Happy bit late Birthday Del, remeber the hair cut very well.
best wishes
Les and Barb

Del and Al said...

Thanks guys for all your lovely comments!!!! p.s I now save a fortune on shampoo!!!!