Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Maiden in Distress

Del was up early chopping wood this morning while Al was busy spending money.... We parted with over £1000.00 due to the fact we had paid for our licence and insurance on Derwent6 for another year. Gulp!!!!

We ended up setting off around 11.00am and headed straight for Kings Whalf marina where after a tricky turn we manage to reverse onto the pontoon for a pumpout. After finding out that their diesel was 71p we topped up knowing bad weather was on the way. We then went down the locks at Fradley Junction and turned onto the Coventry. It was then a stop for a top up of water. It was here that we got a call from a maiden in distress, being a women on her own who had broken down on the water point. The engine had just cut out going through the swingbridge and she felt it was the battery. Once we were hooked up to the water point Del, with Multimeter in hand, went and had a look. It turned out that she had run out of diesel (less said). After getting a Jerry can of diesel, Del had a few problems trying to bleed the system, but managed to get it running in the end.

This made us a bit late for where we wanted to go, but we carried on, watching the sunset, till we ran out of light. We managed to moor up in a nice spot amongst other boaters.

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