Saturday, November 27, 2010

Iced in, so down to see Pam

We woke up to a light sprinkling of snow which soon covered the canal. It was minus 6 last night on our outside temperature gauge and it was see your breath stuff before the heating came on. The fire did manage to some how stay alight, and just throwing another log on helped it bust into life again. As we were well and truly iced in, it was some more cleaning inside in the morning and in the afternoon Del got the train down to Kent to see Pam. He arrived at the station and was met by Alf (Al's Dad) and Al, who then took him to the hospital.

Pam looked a bit better today even though she is still very poorly. She managed to stay awake for a couple of hours before we all had to leave. We tried to see her again in the evening but she was fast asleep and looked very comfortable, so we didn't disturb her. We ended up spending the evening with Alf before Del caught the last train back to Derwent6.


Anonymous said...

ah bless her - she looks much better than I expected - keeping fingers crossed her recovery to you all xxxx

Anonymous said...

So pleased to see Pam looking much better than we expected,please give her and Alf our love and we wish her a speedy recovery. Lots of love and hugs. Mum & Keith xxxxx