Wednesday, April 08, 2020

C&RT this is non essential and you pay them

We are still in lockdown on Derwent6 and you just won't believe what happened..
We were keeping our heads down and in the distance could hear a piece of machinery coming along the towpath..
It turned out to be the grass cutting contractors cutting the towpaths so I'm sorry, but a letter had to go to CRT.. It went like this.

Dear Sir's
I can't believe we are sitting here on our narrowboat in total lockdown and then alongside us come two guys in high viz jackets cutting the grass along the towpath right next to our boat.

Firstly they got within two metres of the boat and they clearly didn't read your Keeping People Safe sign, saying "Avoid any stretches along the towpath with moored boats"
Secondly, they clearly are not essential workers, and they should heed the government warnings of STAY AT HOME, PROTECT THE NHS and SAVE LIVES!
Thirdly I'm not happy that my licence money is spent on grass cutting at this critical time. I know its not their fault and they are just doing a job, but Canal and River Trust pay this company.
They had no protecting masks and were coughing and spiting everywhere like its all ok.. yes! we are anxious, just like the whole world is at the moment.
So while the rest of the country stays at home, they feel its essential and alright to cut the grass. A very poor decision in the light of this global pandemic.
Not much more to say with that so things are ramping up now and it turns out there are more cars getting on the road, so PLEASE STAY AT HOME! and save lives!


Barbara said...

Well said! We move for services and shopping every 14 days then head back to the countryside but we still have runners passing spitting and coughing and literally every man\woman walking dogs. Tonight was the weirdest a guy with two phones one to each ear and speaking to them???

Del and Al said...

Thanks Barbara, I know, you just can't believe some people, they just don't get it!