Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Frost, a good sign for sunshine

The weather has all of a sudden turned a lot colder and we were grateful for the wood we had on board and the coal bags we obtained off the coal boat.. Here you can see the line of frost melting towards us as the solar panels were waiting for sunshine..
 The sun we have been having has charged the batteries by lunchtime as you can see from this graph..

CRT have been out putting up signs about the virus, stopping people from walking past or close to boats on the towpath.
Although the towpaths are far less busy, people still have been using them for exercise and getting away from it all.. The trouble is in some places the towpath is narrow and you can't keep that two metre gap, and for that reason they don't want people to use them.. Lets be honest, the whole reason for this lockdown is to stay indoors and isolate yourselves..

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