Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Lockdown Easter

So here we are over the Easter weekend with the weather so Dandy.. We have had temperatures of 24 degrees and we have just been running on solar for the last few days..

So what has happened? Well out highlight was that we had a delivery of meat from the local butcher and what a fine selection of meat and poultry we had..
We split this up so Del's mum could get by over the Easter, and Al walked it up to them..
We also had some new signs go up from CRT telling people to limit the use of the towpaths and it was for local use only..

We have had the odd idiots turn up in their cars and take a walk, but overall it has been quiet.
We have had our toilets here cleaned twice a week and also had the water tested, so if need be we can use them. We have tried to avoid that due to the fact so many people do use them..

  Also the coal boat has been back for a delivery top up, serving all our static friends on the cut..

So we have been losing some weight, up to, and during all this lockdown business. Del has lost two and a half stone and is now 14.12 and Al has lost a stone and a half, so hopefully some good will come out of all this.

We have noticed how much cleaner and fresher the air feels in this world now, as the trees do their work to help give us oxygen, now the cars and planes aren't around.. We all have a lot to learn from all this..

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