Friday, April 17, 2020

Lockdown Songwriting "Where there's Muck there's Money"

Del has picked up his guitar again and written this song about him and his Dad (Len)
This tells a story about Del's Dad always telling him "Where's there's Muck there's Money" when they were driving along in the tipper lorry. It also tells the story of Del's life and the jobs he has had involving 'muck' and how much his Dad was right..  let us know what you all think?

If the video doesn't work try this link!

Where there's Muck there's Money


Unknown said...

Haha great song and that's why it's Raining 😁😁

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous, we enjoyed that very much, well done that man!
It certainly put a smile on our faces, during this l-o-n-g lockdown time.
Thanx for sharing it with us, it was sooo good we didn't notice the 'little cockups!' lol.
Ann and Keith XX

Anonymous said...
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Del and Al said...

Thanks guys :-)