Sunday, April 12, 2020

Highlight of the Day

We were laying in bed when there was a knock on the side of Derwent6. It was a guy holding a big box of fruit and veg which Al had managed to order from a Northampton farm shop..
It was a fantastic selection of all kinds of vegetables including cabbage, cauliflower fresh carrots and sweetcorn's.. Also apples bananas, oranges and pears all washed and packed nicely..
 All this should help to keep us going for another week... We also split it up so Del's mum could have some as well and Al walked it up to them and left it on the doorstep.. They were truly grateful..

Del did some brasses (here with his mask on) and gave Derwent6 a general clean, and as the sun came out very intermittently we through we should catch the rays..
 The solar panels went up and soon pushed the batteries up to 90%

So people are dying (including two nurses today) and the virus seems to be accelerating, and the right thing to do is STAY AT HOME.. and try and save the people trying to help us..
We still have the idiots around here who just don't get it, and think its alright to drive here in separate cars, meet up, and go for a stroll along the canal.

Its going to be a warm weekend and we will be basking in the cratch .. Lets all enjoy the sunshine in our homes, gardens and local areas. On the plus side, Al has cooked a lovely pork joint which we had on a Tesco's delivery because they couldn't get us a roast chicken. It was huge and will do us for three days, it was yummy!


Anonymous said...

Luvly jubbly, seems like you are isolating in your own little bit of paradise.
You haven't mentioned Tooty for a while is he doing ok?
Sending virtual hugs,
Ann and Keith. xx

Del and Al said...

Thanks both, yep Tooty is fine, in fact he's loving lockdown lol. Just about to post a 'Tooty' blog :-)

Stay safe both xxx