Thursday, September 21, 2017

Wild Wedding Week

Derwent6 went into Brinklow Marina for a week and Tooty went on holiday to Lord's Hill cattery.
We had to hire a car and one of the first things we wanted to do was some clothes shopping. We had a few other things to do down in Kent and stayed for the first few days with our good friends Bernie and Sarah.. We had a great couple of days with them.
On the Thursday we made our way down to the Kent coast and booked in a hotel. During the day we went round Folkestone for a quick Fish and Chips on the seafront.
Followed by going to the Battle of Britain war memorial, something Del had always wanted to do..
In the evening we went to the wedding of Sam and Dan (knowing both sides of the family)
We had a lovely time with them and all their friends and family.
In the morning after breakfast we were up and out and over to see friends Zoe and Greg in Whitstable where in the evening we went out to a lovely Thai restaurant.
We left them on the Friday and then went down to Wiltshire where we met back up with Bernie and Sarah and their son David..
David took us to a lovely Italian restaurant and then to a pub with a live band to finish off the evening..
In the morning the boys went gliding over at Pewsey  Hill..
We left to go back to Derwent6 at lunchtime and got back at 2.00pm. Hungry, we went out for a Toby Roast dinner and yep we were knackered by the end of all this..
On the Monday we got up early and collected Tooty, and then the shopping to fill the cupboards on Derwent6, We also had to buy a new satellite dish as the old one had had it day..
We were all ready to go at 3.00pm and fired up the Beta engine and pulled out of the marina..
Mmm it was good to be back on the cut again. We passed through Rugby and noticed all the extra moorings at Brownsover with new mooring rings..
We moored at Clifton and ended up staying an extra day here.. Yep it was a boat cleaning day, inside and out... Hoping to move tomorrow!

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