Thursday, September 21, 2017

Beating the rain

This weather doesn't help at all. We looked at the forecast and saw it was going to rain at midday, so we set off at 8.30am in the hope we would get a mooring at All Oaks..
It was very autumnal again today with the mist covered cobwebs in the grass..
It was very quiet with boats and cruising was easy. We passed under the busy M6 motorway and on towards Rose's narrowboat hire base.
Here there is a little swingbridge you have to operate, but it doesn't hold you up.
We turned up at All Oaks Wood and just as we arrived someone pulled away, perfect timing!
Tooty was off, just like he always does and we got ready for the forthcoming rain..
It rained at 12.00 just like they said and it was cold enough for us to put the heating on for an hour..
Al cooked a lovely Roast Gammon with all the trimmings which went down well with a glass of wine..

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