Sunday, March 06, 2016

Time to reflect

We have a nice mooring here at Burton Hastings and are all on our own, well nearly!..

So we have just chilled for the last couple of days as the weather hasn't been too clever.. We have had rain, sleet, and snow showers, but we have been very warm and snug in Derwent6..  It has been good for Tooty as well..

The Tooter has been venturing out a bit further, until he gets spooked by something..
He sits looking at the ducks and they have got to know him so well now they tease him to go for them, just so they can see him splash into the water.. He just lays in the long grass waiting for a chance that never happens.. 
Sorry about all the Tooty pics but he is the new kid on the block..
We have used this time to think about things that have happened over the last year or so and also to plan for the future and on what we still have to do.. We think we will move off tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Love the Tooty pictures and stories.Wonderful.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Sally :-)